Primary Care

We offer low-cost office visits for non-insured patients.
No appointment necessary

We are a participating provider on several insurance plans.

Physical Medicine

We offer high quality care as well as full turn-key management for all injured employees who need physical medicine.
No appointment necessary
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Range of Motion
  • Joint Mobilization
  • General Conditioning
  • Our high commitment to communication allows you to stay informed about your employee.


    Occupational Medicine

    Under New Management

    Since 1997, Enviva Health Service has responded to the needs of business and industry. Enviva Health Services offers comprehensive medical services that help keep your employees on the job and working at peak performance. We also implement occupational health procedures that can stop problems before they require expensive solutions. It's a combination of treatment and prevention that's very cost effective indeed.

    We realize that not all injury management programs are alike. Therefore, protocols specific to your company are kept on file at each of our clinics. This "company profile" allows clinic staff to efficiently follow your company instructions regarding light duty policies, authorization and reporting results instructions, and billing instructions. No appointment is necessary and you will appreciate our commitment to open communications as well as convenient hours.

    Thank you for your interest in Enviva Health Services. Please call us at our home office in Corsicana, Texas at 903-874-5866.

    Workers' Compensation

    We are experienced in all aspect of Workers' Compensation. This extends from Day One Case and Injury Management to impairment and disability evaluation.

    We work closely with patients, corporations and insurers in an attempt to achieve optimal results as early as possible